Thursday, December 13, 2012

First full day together - Tuesday

Waking up outside the orphanage for the first time in years
"Toto we're not in Kansas anymore..."

Every day we have this large breakfast buffet and experiment with different foods for our new babies - after two weeks it feels like Groundhog Day

You return in the morning to the civil affairs office to actually adopt the child.  The first night with her is a test run - next day they ask if you want her.  I said I guess so...

Thinking it over...

New friends Jennifer and Boo Haughton about to sign on the dotted line

Happily inking the deal!

Do I get a vote in this?

First smile...
Not to sound like a woman, but she has dimples on both sides of her mouth when she smiles

We went to a Malaysian restaurant for lunch then to the police station to apply for a Chinese passport (no "camera" allowed) -

A little time outside in the Gardens - they don't call it The Garden Hotel for nothing

Then some time in the play room the hotel has set up

Then after some time in the hotel's children's playroom...on to our favorite restaurant - "The Paddy Field" - food we both like

The 7-11 has a little of everything - except Diet Cokes - I haven't found one yet
We buy our water at 7-11 daily - no drinking the water here

She opened up a little today - a slight smile or two - She is awesome!!

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  1. Uncle Brett,
    I can't wait to see my new cousin!
    I think you are doing a great job.