Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wednesday - medical exam day

Had to get up early for a standard medical exam 
Tried a shower this time - well received versus the tub

Ready for whatever the big white guy can dish out today

Of course...

Our guide from 3 years ago - Rebecca - returned yesterday all tan from her vacation in Australia 

For Cole - the new owner of a Honda Accord

Didn't actually get any pictures from the medical exam because I had to hold her the whole time
She didn't have much enthusiasm for the white coats.  I guess spending 88 days in the hospital at one year old for heart surgery makes you a little averse to doctors

Lunch a The Banana Leaf Thai restaurant was actually pretty good - nothing is great, especially when you have to always worry about whether what you're eating is going to make you sick

Decided to stay away from the frog overies

Maybe fried...

She loved it all - guess we will be eating at Lek's even more often

Decided if my other Chinese girl loves ice cream, this one will as well

She refused to even try it - guess she's never had any - we'll work on it

The previous two ads on this jumbotron were for the hornet nation -  just kidding - they were for the Mercedes M class and the Hyundai Santa Fe - as you know both made in Alabama

Santa climbing up the side of our hotel - Christmas decorations are everywhere - but no Christians (except the Irish guy who owns The Paddy Field)


Some cute smiles at dinner
She has a scar on her forehead - Dr today wanted to know how it happened - I said, "I've had her for two days."  She doesn't take a bottle - I just used it to measure an antibiotic for her chest cold
big lips (like the grouper)

Read a little Goodnight Moon before lights out...

Big day tomorrow - we go visit her orphanage and possibly get to see where she was found


  1. Brett,
    I am so happy for you and your new China baby doll "Francie". I cannot wait to meet and love on her.I am glad that you both are doing so well.I am loving your post about the big white man.That was a good one.I laughed for 15 min.Keep the pics and post coming.I am loving the blog and Leanne is keeping me very updated.Praying for you both every day.
    Love and hugs!

  2. I cant't believe she wouldnt try ice cream! Thats to funny! I know you can't wait to get home with her. I'm so curious how Lilly is going to act with her. Take on the big sister role or be a little jealous at first... Also Cole doesn't seem old enough yet to have a Honda..:)

  3. Also I think I'd have no appetite after reading the menu's..