Monday, December 17, 2012


Another day...

Went to the Chen Clan Academy / Temple

All the doorways have a raised base.  To quote guide, 
"people have feet and can step over, ghosts have no feet they slide"
In other words, it keeps the ghosts out!

Chen what?

This ivory carving will set you back about $14,000 US

Still haven't found a diet coke

This is a friend of Francie's from the same orphanage.  She was adopted the same day by a family from San Antonio - we will stay in touch.


Going to be interesting adjusting to a car seat

Shoveling it in

Here is what we do at nap time - cry hard for 2-3 minutes...

...then pass out

Up from nap - time to head out

 Supper time
The Irish owner of this restaurant says Francie like it's Mary or Susie
"How's me girl Francie today?"

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