Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday - Tuesday


Monday was our US Consulate appointment - no cameras 
We went as a group - took the citizenship oath on behalf of our children
When we land in the US (Chicago for Francie), the immigration officer opens a package I am carrying, and she is a US citizen


 Went on a river cruise Monday night

The tallest structure in China - 4th largest in the world 

A stadium with floating seating?

She calls me "Papa" - that's who her orphanage workers told her she was going to meet  

Bad video - but listen to audio Abby

Monday night, she was doing these flips where I hold her hands and she climbs up my legs and flips over
She kept saying something each time so I asked the waitress if she could interpret -
Francie was saying, "One, two, three"
Going to stink not having anyone around who can speak Chinese

It would be like Lilly watching this Spongebob


Last day at Garden hotel
Tired of only using bottled water

Last shower in China

Went to neat place for lunch - The Happy Monk

The heck with her rice - she wanted my pizza


Has her a new watch - got some catching up to do to be as spoiled as her siblings

Never ate at these two

We took a van with the Haughtons to Hong Kong - 3 hour ride - in my lap of course
At the border to enter Hong Kong they checked our temperature
In Hong Kong hotel - took her shoes off to put her to bed - she put them right back on (the wrong feet)

Next time you hit the sack with you're shoes on you'll be home

We leave Hong Kong Wednesday at 11:10 - arriving in Birmingham around 5:00 PM Wednesday with a layover in Chicago
Sound like 6 hours?  Have to add the 14 hour time difference
See you when we get home


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