Monday, December 10, 2012

Gotcha Day

There were 5 families in our group getting a baby Monday - Of course, I was the only solo parent
Not love at first sight - for her

She calmed down when I brought out the cheerios

There were 30 children adopted today - 5 from our group - others from Norway, etc.  The room is a zoo.  They come out of a back room where they have all the babies, shout the child's name and hand them to you

Thought it might be fun to include this from nearly 3 years ago - we've watched this video a thousand times (an I get reminded of my thumb each time)

Then we made a trip to the grocery store

Followed by a little paperwork meeting where she was the only child in attendance - but quiet as a mouse

Then we had to find her some hard core Chinese - "Congee"  I was trying to feed her, and she took the spoon from me and started doing it herself at a much faster pace

No one in the restaurant can speak English but hand them an iPhone to take a picture, and they have no problem

We stopped in the hotel and let Dad get a bite - of course I kept her entertained with the Ipad - like her big sister

Probably her first bath in a tub ever - not a good experience - she refused to sit

Finally ready for bed after a big day in her life


  1. I am obsessed with Francie!! She is so precious. Can't wait to meet her!

  2. So cute! Little does she know she has a momma,sisters and brothers waiting for her.

  3. Seriously. the. cutest. baby. ever. Dying over here! SO EXCITED FOR YOU ALL!!!! So glad you got the blog to work- she oozes sweetness!!

  4. Sweetness. Love the photos and commentary, Thanks Brett. Praying for your family, as they await to your return and your fun adventure in GZ. Yeah!