Monday, December 17, 2012

Saturday - Sunday


I know, I know...too many pictures of her eating

Had to return to doctor to have TB test checked

Lunch at a local Chinese place.  The local places are really cheap - the two of us can eat for $5.  Also, they don't give you napkins, but you can buy them.  Needless to say, in these places I am the only person who speaks English
We skipped the goose

Meeting time

Hanging out in the play room and around the pool


Ready for her iPhone 


Shopping day - "Times Square"

This "wing" was just jewelry 

Had to buy some pearls to give her one day (Mom's instructions)
You buy a strand, then they put them together

Didn't know they had a lottery

The "China Welfare Lottery"

Lunch with the group

Getting crazy in a nice restaurant

Happy girl

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