Friday, December 14, 2012

Thursday - visit to her (former) orphanage

Here we go again...

Fruit from the breakfast buffet

Sitting on my lap for the 90 minute van ride to the orphanage - no carseats in China
She looks a little like a monkey because she was drinking her water and holding it in her mouth to be funny - and because she just looks a little like a monkey

She is from a 3 million person town called Dongguan - the big industry here is primarily phone production.  Several suppliers are here including those for Apple

Entering her orphanage

It was lunch time in her classroom when we arrived.  All the classes from the hall gather in her class to eat.  They have different uniforms depending on their class.  She wore a yellow uniform

Teachers gathered around to give her treats

This is on the door to her classroom.  They gave me her picture and name.

Her teacher - this is the only person she has gone to since I've had her

Next, we visited her bedroom which is just across the hall - 14 to a room
This is her name on the door 
Everything is very neat and clean

She went to her bed - getting real quiet

Might be just a little tight...

The name of her school on the hall wall

Teacher said she was "one of the two brightest" in her class - probably tell everyone the same thing

Nice play area at the end of the hall

Getting pretty sad at this point
I asked my guide is it because she thinks I'm going to leave her here or because she want to be here
"She wants to be here, this is her home"

Time to go - photo with orphanage director and teacher
Teacher gave me her name and email and wants pictures periodically
The teacher did a good job hiding it from Francie, but she was in tears when she walked away

In the front area of the orphanage - 4 story orphanage with 900 kids
Telling her we'll be good to her - "Talk is cheap"

The assistant orphanage director took us and another family who was there for a visit to lunch
They are adopting the boy on the left (age 9 or 11, can't remember).  They're from Charleston and have three girls.  One stayed back at the hotel with Dad because she was sick.  The lady on the far left has been his foster mother.  They said this is tough on her, but she knows it is best for him.
Our host ordered all the food - family style (be careful)

The assistant orphanage director on the left and our girl

Squatty potty

Next, we went just up the road to where she was found.  When she was about four months old, she was abandoned on the sidewalk in front of this hospital.  She was not healthy due to a heart problem which ultimately was repaired when she was one (here).  There was a note left with her which the orphanage shared with me.  It basically only had her date of birth.

Heading home exhausted (physically and emotionally)

Gnawing on a prawn at a special dinner
Yum...didn't have these in the orphanage

I have 4-5 more videos to include with this post, but they take a long time to upload.  My girl just awoke from a late nap and she's hungry - will do it later


  1. Great posts! So glad the blog worked this time. Could she be any more cute! Can't wait to see more video's.

  2. Wow Brett! She is beautiful! She seems so smart...can't wait for her to get home and see the rest of her family! And, you are doing a great job blogging!!!