Monday, December 10, 2012

The trip - 30 hours from my driveway to the first bed

Took a small plane from Birmingham

Then the biggest (747) from Chicago direct to Hong Kong

Took a route due North from Chicago - north of Alaska back down the other side of the world

Ran short on fuel due to winds and had to stop in Beijing

After about an 18 hour flight finally made it to Hong Kong - didn't have a hotel reservation and everything was booked unless I wanted to pay $1,000 USD, so I took a cab 17 miles north to the China border.  It was about midnight and luggage and I went through customs with every 20 something kid who obviously had been enjoying a Saturday night in Hong Kong.  Spent the night in Shenzhen just across the border - small town of about 10 million (larger than NYC at 8 million).  Fortunately, I wasn't roughing it - Probably the only Ritz Carlton in the world where you can't drink the water

For Abby - hard to see but this is the frustrated cab driver carrying my 50 pound rolling bag you broke - probably carried it 200 yards up and down stairs


Pretty interesting propaganda at the border - said $90,000 (local currency) penalty for "non-booked" birth

The spitting rule might not go well in Alabama - saw another sign that warned of 9 months in jail for soccer gambling!

Took a train to Guangzhou the next day - where I will be staying for the duration of the trip
Last train stop before Guangzhou was Francie's home of 

The Garden Hotel is very nice - same place we stayed 3 years ago when we got Lilly

Get her tomorrow (Monday afternoon here)

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